Restoring Your Oriental Area Rug Treasure

You Deserve a Clean and Fresh Smelling Home in Time for Spring!

Many homeowners prefer to opt for professional area rug cleaning in Middleburg. When all is said and done, these professionals always come through. They can help you to get rid of pet stains and odor in the home and also turn your carpets from shaggy to beautiful in no time. Start with a top to toe scrub of your home When wanting to clean your home properly, you will have to get stuck into it pretty good. Make sure that you all the chemicals and cleaning equipment you’ll need. Then consider the following: ·       In bedrooms, pick up anything off the floor. Put away clean laundry and throw dirty clothes in a hamper. Make the bed, and wipe and polish all surfaces. Vacuum carpets. ·       In bathrooms, spray the shower and bath with anti-bacterial cleaner, empty bins, hang up towels and wipe mirrors and faucets with Windolene. ·       Living rooms and kitchens need a vacuum, a mop and a wipe-down of all surfaces. Polish all wood. Clean the windows with vinegar and newspaper. Call in the professionals Have a professional cleaning company come in. Make sure you book for all your deep cleaning services to be done, including: ·       Deodorizing of all area rugs to give your home a fresh and clean fragrance. ·       Deep cleaning of all area rugs to remove animal urine and stains; Heirloom Rug Cleaning specializes in these types of services. Not only this but, we also offer Oriental rug repair as well as fringe cleaning and restoration. So contact us today for affordable and expert cleaning services.