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Rug Glossary of Terms: I

  • Indigo
    Indigo is the color of blue between blue and violet. Different blue shaded dyes are derived from shrubs or herbs of the indigo plant (in the pea family). Indigo was chemically synthesized in 1880.
  • India
    Country in South Asia; capital – New Delhi. India has been one of the main rug manufacturing countries since 16th century, and currently still holds the status of one of the largest producers of handmade rugs. India produced handmade rugs for exportation only.
  • Indo-Esfahan
    A rug made in India in Esfahan style.
  • Iran
    Country in Southwestern Asia; capital – Tehran. It is estimated that Iran produces approximately three-quarters of all the handmade rugs in the world.
  • Ireland
    Country in Northern Europe; capital – Dublin. Currently one of the very few European countries that still has a rug-weaving industry.
  • Isfahan
    Located in Western Iran, Isfahan was the Persian capital in 16th and 17th centuries, during the golden age of Persian carpet production. It is one of the most famous cities in the production of Persian rugs.
  • Islimi
    A common motif based on arabesque forms of intertwining leaves, stems and vines.
  • Islimi Medallion-and-Corner
    The field of this design is designed with an islimi motif. This common motif is often used in combination with the shah abbasi motif, in which case the design is called shah abbasi and islimi medallion-and-corner.
  • Istanbul
    Major city in Turkey which is a crossroads and market place of the carpet world.

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